Deepak Goel


With over 15 years of experience and success in finance accounting  MCP,MCSE, MLSS, ITIL, ITSM (ISO 20000) , FTMA, FINSIA,NTAA,AAT, ASA-CPA,FEI.
Multilingual Professional with a strong academic background & experience in accounting & finance with history of achievement, including Best Employee Award in Hoppers Club, Cancellation of probation period at Spotless / C.E.Property Services and promotion at Storm Sustainability, rising from accounts assistance to Group Accountant. Excels in staff training; works well independently or as part of a team; Approaches difficult assignments and projects with a can do attitude, Rewarded for meeting corporate / client expectations and deadlines.   Deepak has now put his foot in the business industry with Oftog and is evidently succeeding. Along with his team building attributes and a strong urge to make a mark Deepak contributes with the best of both worlds.  


Vishal Goel


  Serial Entrepreneur 

  Has been known for his findings and exploring ideas into various happening Industries and demonstrating the same by creating significant ‘Brand Value and Growth’ to the company. He has a history of working in ‘The Gems of World’ to Fashion, Gadgets, Home Automation - Internet Of Things (IoT), Co-working, Co-Living - Hospitality industries.

Being a Post Graduate into multiple domains Marketing, Finance, Retail and a ‘Student of AI’, he is having a firm hold on Market Research, Customer relationship management, Business Development and Negotiation skills topped with Strong Professional & Ethical path.

Carving a new business out of solving and aiding a market need is his style of selecting a business, keeping Customer & Service orientation on his way.  

Our Story


                             Hello, Welcome to OFTOG. So glad you're here.

Oftog Business Solutions is a privately owned company which provides co-working spaces. We are the Hyderabad's largest provider of flexible and hassle free work-space stations, with clients ranging from individual owned businesses to multi national corporations. We enable people and businesses to work where they want, when they want and how they want. 

Business resources are redefined over and over again, and now instead of owning office spaces, businesses have started sharing them. Startups no more start in the garages nor do freelancers work from their homes.  The major reason for all the changes is the need of networking, collaboration, learning and growth. Our space provides the ideal resources for your launch and scale.


The co-working Business has grown over the last few years, and it on its verge of rapid growth. We as a company have always strived on growing along with our clients. Our mission is to make India an accessible place for co-working spaces. #letsgrowtogether

It's all about tech now and with technology no one wants a mundane office model, everyone needs a more collaborative work space with people from different backgrounds. We along with our clients are constantly learning about the customer and their needs and also succeeding in providing them with the very same.

We like to bring the fun in the work, so no one has to wait for the weekend.

                                                      -Vishal & Deepak